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Iwakuni And The Kintai Bridge

Out of all the places I’ve been in Japan, Iwakuni still ranks in my top 3 places.  It might vary depending on my mood, but to be honest, it probably is my #1 favorite! Of course, it has a bit of an advantage over other places in that I lived there as a child and thus have many fond memories.  But that fact aside, it’s still a beautiful and relaxing place to visit.

Iwakuni is most famous for the Kintai Bridge, an ancient bridge which has been destroyed by floods and subsequently rebuilt a number of times. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see why it is such a popular location to visit:

Though they have tried to preserve the original beauty of the bridge whenever they have rebuilt it, this is tough because originally it had no metal nails! It was almost entirely made from wood and stone. Still, I’d say they have done a very good job!

The bridge isn’t the only landmark in the area however.  The area around the bridge has several shrines and parks with information about the history of the town.  And atop a mountain adjacent to the bridge is Iwakuni Castle.

There are lots of little shops around the bridge, and plenty of places to walk or sit to take in the view and atmosphere.  I wish I had some pictures from Iwakuni during Cherry Blossom season, alas, I do not.  But these photos show you how many of these trees there are – they line the river around the bridge, and it’s a breathtaking sight in the Spring!

If you’re ever in Japan, I highly recommend taking a visit to Iwakuni.  Between the history and the beauty (and some delicious food around town, too) it’s well worth the time and money.  If you are active duty or retired military, there is a Marine Corps Air Base there (where I lived when I was a kid), so you can probably find a place to stay on base, or at least find someone to show you around.

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s photos. Hope you enjoyed it – see you again soon!

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